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ClimatePlan.city is an initiative powered by Social Climate, a cooperative, set up in Spain with a representative in Greece and Moldova, committed to driving climate action based on science and social justice; through social innovation, nature-based solutions, economic localization, sustainable tourism, and international cooperation.

What we do

We catalyze processes of social innovation for climate action & justice, through consulting, training, and facilitation services. In particular, we specialize in engaging local ecosystems to design and implement science-based & just climate action plans for cities.

Climate action plans for cities

Following the ClimatePlan.city Method, we train, empower and accompany organized civil society to lead the multi-stakeholder co-creation of comprehensive climate action plans for the 2050 horizon; in order to catalyze science-mandated and just transitions towards localised, sovereign, carbon neutral, and inclusive economies; in cities and territories cooperating around the world to replicate best policies and solutions.

Climate science

We guide our planning in the most advanced and up-to-date, geolocalized climate science, via collaborations with the most prestigious institutions in the field such as the IPCC

International Cooperation

Through a global network of partners, we foster the exchange and replication of best practices and socio-economic solutions to the climate and inequalities crisis in cities around the world

Social justice

By working with civil society groups and all stakeholders, we ensure social justice lies at the heart of the economic transformation, with vulnerable & frontline communities leading the way

Social innovation for climate action

Our methodology revolves around a new definition of “social innovation for the climate” based on what works on the ground, as we rise to the challenges ahead:

“A solution that is radical, transgressive, disruptive, oriented to action; that builds from what exists; adopts a global & systemic approach, with solid local roots; seizes opportunities arising from the uncertainty of a complex world; thrives under collective leadership; is structured around networks of people governed by effective mechanisms of horizontal democracy, and aided by technological tools at its service; joins with a diversity of groups in broad social movements; contributes to building equity, democracy and sovereignty on the local level, and shares best practices on the translocal one; in order to provide comprehensive responses to the socio-environmental challenges faced by a specific community as a result of the climate, ecological & inequalities crises.” 

Green New Deal

In collaboration with Sunrise Movement -youth-led movement building broad social support for the Deal- , and New Consensus -think tank leading the development of the resolution in the US-, as well as a large & diverse set of organizations and groups, we’re facilitating the co-creation process of an ambitious “Deal for Climate and Social Justice” in Spain, inspired by the Green New Deal from the US, but adapted to the local context.

More info: pactoclimayjusticia.org

Latest news

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Green New Deal, the Climate Justice Movement in the US and trans-Atlantic cooperation, a chat with Anthony Torres

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A great first step towards an ambitious and just Green New Deal for Spain, with Sunrise Movement & New Consensus

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April 8, 2019 0

Co-creating a Deal for Climate & Social Justice in Spain inspired by the Green New Deal (itd-UPM, Madrid, 4-5 April 2019)

Co-creating a Deal for Climate & Social Justice in Spain inspired by the Green New Deal (itd-UPM, Madrid, 4-5 April 2019)

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March 19, 2019 0

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